"Elements" Coll.

The "Elements" Coll. uses basic materials that surround us in its beauty in it´s simplest form in nature, earthy with beautiful stones and woodn elements, water with shell and mother of pearl, fire with warm colors and  molded stainless steel forms, all combined in refined designs for lasting everyday use.



Tia-Jaspis Edelstahl Studs Hanger

Thea Gold-Golden Rhombus Mondstein, Perlmutt Studs

Nic- Edelstahl Mondstein Studs

Mona- Edelstahl Holz Kunstharz Hanger

Thea- Edelstahl Holz Kunstharz Studs

Bella- Edelstahl Perlmutt Stud Hanger

Lidia-Woodn Resin Gold Edelstahl Stud Hanger

Lin- Edelstahl Mondstein Studs

Dora- Edelstahl Perlmutt Kokos Studs

Ava Moon- Edelstahl Perlmutt Mondstein Studs

Lea- Edelstahl Perlmutt Kokos Studs

Thea Shell- Edelstahl Muschel Holz Hanger

"Roots" Coll.

The "Roots" Coll.- basic clay and woodn elements in simple forms and shapes combined with leaf gold and golden stainless steel  and recycled textiles.